After six years promoting adoption and responsible pet ownership, we find ourselves overwhelmed. The dumping has escalated and adoptions are slow. It is with great regret that we’ve decided we must close Pet Epicure.

As we begin to end our work, our first priority is to find great homes for our adoptables. Please share this poster and help us end our six years with a bang!

Pet Epicure - adoption poster


We will be closing our retail on weekdays with immediate effect. The shop will remain open on weekends for the remainder of June. We will cease boarding at the end of August.

We want to thank our supporters and friends who’ve walked this journey with us over the last 6 years. It’s been an honour.

Fame and the costs

As many of our friends and followers know, we’ve had an unprecedented number of kittens dumped in the last couple of months. We thought it the usual pre-holiday frenzy but as the festive season has come and gone, and the kittens keep turning up, we have to accept the sad fact that this is largely due to our growing Facebook fame.

While our adoptions have doubled (HOORAY!) the number of kittens dumped has quadrupled. It’s an untenable situation and there’s only one solution in our opinion: MORE ADOPTIONS! (We are not going to be bogged down by pessimism and misery, we’re going to find a way find more families.)

So if YOU have any ideas, hints and tips, please bring them on. We will consider each one and implement those we have the time, money and resources to. Please feel free to tell you friends about our situation and see if they have any ideas and leads.

While attending the BFM Business Breakaway 2012 as a guest of Shankar Santhiram, EQTD, I ran into a talented young man called Joshua Rayan of Words Wizards. He offered to do some CSR for us and I thought it would be nice. However, I also assumed that nothing would come of it. I am pleased to say I was WRONG and he’s gotten in touch and is wanting to follow up. My heart is warmed and my faith in this wonderful world is renewed yet again.

Three Adopted Today

Wonderful news. Just as things were beginning to look bleak, we’ve had some luck. THREE cats adopted in one go. Carlton will be a family pet and Danielle and Craig will live on a farm. We wish them much happiness and joy.

Difficult decisions



As more and more kittens and cats are dumped, we are faced with extremely difficult decisions; Which ones to release? Which ones will have to fend for themselves and risk illness and death? Which ones will have to fight for territory and food?

How do you choose?

We have a winner!


Thank you for submitting NINE entries and the hilarious captions.

And thanks again to Delucca for sponsoring the prize. For those of you who have yet to try the food, you must. We are real foodies so for us to gush about a restaurant is rare. And when you do go, say hello to Firas the man behind it all. Tell him Pet Epicure sent you 🙂

Check out this review of Delucca


Our lucky Jake was adopted by writer Ellen Whyte. Here is her latest post about this lucky boy who feast of roast chicken on a regular basis. Her blog is called Katz and Other Tales. And if you like what you see, do check out her e-books at Smashwords


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We update almost daily so do visit us there for current rescue and adoption updates. Here is another photo of Tallulah Mama when she was on the way to the vets.

We also run regular contests on the page so if you’d like to win a prize, go check us out. This one just ended.

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Kitten Video

Felix and Duchess are well enough to engage in some friendly rough housing.

Every last Sunday of the month

We will be closed every last Sunday of the month to spend time together as a family. We thank you for you understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

On how I became Tallulah Mama

My people kept many of us. We were all semi long haired. I loved them because they were kind and fed us well. The small ones would sometimes make us toys from rolled up news paper and bits of string. They also let us out of the cage we lived in and I enjoyed running and chasing, climbing and rolling around on the floor.

One day I had babies. My people looked at me a lot and whispered furtively. I did not understand what they were saying but I was too busy caring for my babies.

One morning, almost a week after having my babies, we were all packed into a box. After some strange jostling and swaying, the box plummeted to the ground and there was silence. I began to feel afraid and began to wonder what to do while nursing my babies.

When the boxed was next opened, I heard a girl’s voice. “Aiyo! Not again. Mummy cat and five kittens.” She picked us up and check us over. I was worried when she inspected the kittens but she seemed gentle if unimpressed. I was insulted as my kittens were the loveliest in the world, in my opinion that is. “Pity they are all short haired” said the girl. “The mummy has semi long hair, quite pretty.”

I was placed in a room with glass walls. This I found most disconcerting as I was accustomed to bars and steel. I could see many other cats. They were curious and came very close. This made me very worried; would they try to harm my babies? Would they steal the food I needed to keep making milk for my babies? I missed my people. I missed the children who would play with me. I missed my cat friends too.

A few days later, the girl, Olivia she was called, gingerly showed me a few more babies. My heart swelled. they were dirty and weak. Two black boys and a little calico girl. Where was their mummy, I wondered? I immediately cleaned them with my tongue and tried to feed them.

With 8 kittens to take care of, I was too tired to worry or miss my old home. In fact, I was so tired, I barely had the energy to eat.

“She is falling ill.”

“Crap, what about the kittens?”

“Not yet. But they will.” And sure enough they began to fall sick.

I heard them talking about us and making arrangements to take us to the vet. I hated being separated from my babies and foster babies. We were such a big group we had to be placed into two separate carriers. The journey in the car reminded me of my last car trip. Alicia drove us and she sent Reiki. I knew we were going to get help so I reserved my energy. “Her name is Tallulah, a Gealic name meaning ‘fruitful woman’ because she takes care of so many ” I heard Alicia say to the nurse.

Over the next ten days, we were pilled, dropped and force fed. Olivia and Weng fought hard to help us regain our health. Two of my foster babies died but gradually we got better.

“Shit! Two more in a box” said Olivia.

“Tallulah Mama is too weak. We must hand raise” decided Alicia. Dr Bel agreed.

But I was getting better and the crying kittens hurt my heart. When Olivia had them at the shop, I did my best to show her I wanted to help. I would pace my room and speak to her. She began to let the kittens spend the days with me but she took them home at night. I missed them and worried if they would be warm enough and if they would get enough milk. In the mean time, my babies recovered and began to play.

A few days ago, Dr Bel decided I was completely better so Olivia let the two new babies live with me. I am taking care of them but they are very naughty. They climb and jump like monkeys and my own babies think they are ill mannered because they did not have a good mummy like they did. I will keep trying to instill good manners and proper feline dignity in my two new babies though I think it will be a tough journey.


I heard Olivia shout again today. I know something has happened. She usually sleeps, smiles and is slow and gentle. Now she is groaning and calling Alicia. She is very animated and distressed.

I look out of my room and can see a box. I can hear more babies crying. I look at my extended brood of 8 and sigh. Can I do more?


The answer is, “I must try.”Image